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Empowering Home Buyers in Aspen and Keystone, Colorado

  At Gondola Resorts Real Estate Services, we offer various consultation solutions related to your real estate needs.  It's common for our renters to have an interest in buying a property once they've visited the area and experienced such a wonderful time.  Our team acts as consulting professionals to help you sort through all the details of strategically planning this endeavor.

Through our partnerships with various experts in the area, and after we've listened and understood your needs, our team assists you with all of your real estate needs.  This includes a complete and complimentary analysis of your property and the revenue/expenses involved to rent, buy or sell. At Gondola Resorts, we have a distinct advantage in experience, background and most of all knowledge of the vacation home rental industry in our specific markets.

Our experienced team, along with our sister companies Gondola Resorts of Aspen, and Gondola Resorts of Keystone, can assist you with your dream vacation home. It’s very important to select an experienced company that places your objectives first.  Our team is read to meet with you via phone or in person, and help guide you through the process of selling, owning, marketing and/or managing your home.

To share your goals and objectives with us, call 1-888-295-2468.

We are Vacation home specialists
Our licensed and experienced real estate partners focuse solely on vacation homes. We understand what makes a vacation home successful for renters and homeowners.

We know rentals and how to strategically purchase a second home

Since we are local, and natives of the region, this gives us direct insight into the most desirable vacation home communities and the most popular rental home features. We specialize in helping buyers find vacation homes in the most desirable areas within our resort communities. Our focus has always been on the resort communities surrounding ski areas.  Thus, we want to educate you on the pitfalls and opportunities in the marketplace.  Unlike a typical real estate agent, we understand the "ins and outs" of developing a strategic vacation rental plan.



If you are planning to visit Aspen or Keystone Resort soon, let Gondola Resorts be your local resource for real estate.

Vacation Rentals
Let us teach you about the communities.  Let us consult you on the best properties, in the best locations, and with the best return on investment.  It is an investment, so you should have all the details and a sophisticated plan.  Many of our guests return to us year after year because of the assistance we've provided in helping them make their real estate and vacation home dreams come true. As part of our vacation rental program your rental guests will receive complimentary limousine transfers, free health club passes, concierge services and property management services.  To setup an appointment by phone or in-person, call (888) 295-2468.

Real Estate
If you are looking to buy or sell real estate in Aspen or Keystone, Colorado, take the time to visit with us to learn how we can help you achieve your goals. Our team of real estate partner professionals specializes in homes, land, condominiums and commercial property.

Property Management
Whether you need professional non-rental property management or a strong vacation rental property management presence, we can advise you on what direction to take.  We consult new and existing home owners to maximize their revenue.

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